Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Britney + random musings

Britney, Britney, britney....I sooo want to believe, I so want to believe that you'll turn it around and show how awesome you are and that you've pulled yourself together and shine like a supernova....then you do shit like this off of handbag gossip:

Never out the news these days, Britney has caused another storm in the US by leaving her sons Sean Preston and Jayden James in the car while she shopped for chandeliers. The children were with the state-appointed monitor, but this latest twist has drawn much anger in the US after it was noted that she is currently only has three monitored visits a week and still chose to leave the kids and shop. She must have needed those chandeliers real bad!

Wtf....does she think that she has state appointed baby-sitting?

You know, not just since my mother died (see about the beginning of this blog) but before then, when I got laid off from a job I really hoped would go somewhere, I sort of died or fell asleep for a loooog time and I'm just now starting to wake back up or spark back to life.....so watch out!
You know what the best is? When people think you're 15 years younger than you really are....that is soo cool! The downside is that they think you are young and therefore stupid......so patience is a virtue. But I'm glad I don't look my age. Now if only I could lose 20 pounds.....

Oh, and France? come on, I've been watching my analytics, you have yet to discover the Spin Sycle, GET WITH THE PROGRAM!!! Come on, we have common ancestry, assisstez votre souer!!! Get on board and read up!!!

and off of gossip rocks:

Heather Mills astonished witnesses by playing a tape which purports to record Sir Paul McCartney allegedly admitting that he hit his first wife Linda, it was claimed today. Sir Paul's estranged wife played the tape in an off-camera moment during her emotional tour of TV and radio stations yesterday, according to a newspaper report.

A witness who heard the tape said: "It was quite extraordinary. There were raised voices. Heather and Paul were shouting. Paul can be heard confessing he hit Linda 'once or twice'.

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