Saturday, March 1, 2008

Blind Item!

and this goes under WTF? but is different from the one below, this woman is not a singer....from the Panache report:


She made a lot of money early on. She celebrated by buying a relative an expensive car.

She was taken aback when the relative told her, she would have preferred money, instead.

Too much too soon could apply to this woman. She spent recklessly and hooked up with the man of her dreams, or so she thought.

The beatings started right after the honeymoon. One evening, she was scheduled to attend a function, a car service picked her and hubby up. They got into an argument and he started punching her in the face, the driver had to pull the car to the side of the rode and rescue her from a fury of punches. Interestingly, the husband didn't stand up to the driver.

She was famous before she hooked up with him but for some reason, he credited himself with her fame and often threw it in her face which baffled her. Over time, he became very resentful of her success and set out to control every part of her life.

The violence escalated and got so out of control that she took advantage of hubby's new found drug habit. To avoid nightly beatings, she would shoot him up with heroin. He would nod off and she would have a nice and peaceful sleep until he awoke in the morning and the cycle would repeat itself.

Once, he dragged her to the closet, forcibly put her foot in the doorway and slammed the closet door on it, breaking it. He was also known to lock in her the closet.

This once pretty woman was stripped of her self esteem and couldn't even make eye contact with people and her husband took over her career and her finances.

Despite being famous and respected in her field, hubby was calling smut magazines behind her back, trying to arrange nude layouts.
She suffered horrific beatings at the hands of this madman. Her family eventually rescued her, hubby didn't pursue her because the money had ran out and he referred to her as "damaged goods."

She's never been the same and her career has never recovered.

Hint: She's not a singer. Everyone in the BI is black. Not Lark Voorhees, she has never been married as far as we know. Not Stacy Dash and the subject of the BI stayed indoors mostly with the broken cast foot and when she was out she was never photographed and during this time, paparazzi only went after blk superstars so her foot wasn't documented. She is in her 30's.

Notted: Janet Jackson, Juanita Bynum, Lela Rochon, Jayne Kennedy, Stacy Dash, Lark Voorhees
Update from Panache: Not Kim Fields, not Tracey Edmonds, Regina King, or Babyface. Not Malinda Williams or Kimberly Elise, if we say the occupation of the person, it will be too much of a giveaway. Not Countess Vaughn. The victim related this story and gave us permission to use it. Like a lot of the subjects of the BI's.
Update from Panache: Not Latoya Jackson. Not Paula Jai. Last clue, the man was not famous and mooched off of her. Another clue, NY. Not from NY but these incidents happened when she was in NY.
Update from Panache: Not Wendy Williams. Not a rapper.

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