Saturday, March 1, 2008

You Know.....

there's nothing that makes a girl who faces the throes of middle age feel good about herself like having a young (try 19 or 20 year old), hot greek guy bust himself into two to get her attention and flirt. Srsly, it made my life. I don't think he knows how old I am....and I wouldn't want to ruin the fantasy by actually doing anything with him, but he was so darned cute and total hotness. Oh to be about twenty years younger and single! But if you have the means and availability, I highly recommend having a greek boytoy. They are great partiers, HAWT and have no problem telling you when they are in hot pursuit. Great fun! You're guaranteed to feel nothing but good about yourself with them! I don't think I've blushed like that in a long time!

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