Saturday, March 1, 2008

This made me LOL!!!

off of gossip rocks:

Hugh Hefner was so impressed with Lindsay Lohan showing it all as Marilyn Monroe for New York Magazine that he wants her to do the same for him. Hugh reportedly wants her to recreate Marilyn's naked swim in "Something's Got To Give" for Playboy.
LiLo is apparently thinking about it reports The New York Post.

She should definitely take his offer. Those fake tanning sessions aren't cheap and I'm sure she has to pay for White Oprah and Ali's shit faux tans too. Lindsay is just going to make a career out of slutting it up as naked Marilyn Monroe in various magazines. Playboy, Penthouse, Hustler, Juggs, Amateur Porn, Pink Taco ...the possibilities are endless.
When she's done with that she can star as MM in porn movies. "Some Like It In The Ass," "Someone's Got To Cum," "There's No Business Like Ho Business" and "Don't Even Bother To Knock, Just Come In And Fuck Me." BRITISH BRAIN DRAIN - New York Post


Ok, Hef is old and probably can't see shit anymore and Lindsay has ugly, ugly 50-year-old hangin bag lady tits. She needs a good bra and should do some push ups.

And here's the best part:

Forbes Magazine says Lindsay Lohan got stiffed 500k for Marilyn Monroe photos
So you know those Lindsay Lohan nude pictures from New York magazine that were so very popular last week? Of course you do! Well, turns out they were worth a lot of money for New York magazine, at least according to a report made by business magazine Forbes, which estimates that New York magazine could have made $500,000 in just two days from internet traffic to those photo pages. And the best part... Lindsay Lohan got nuthin'!
The photographer who snapped the photos of Lohan was Bert Stern, the same lensman who was behind the camera for Monroe's famed 1962 shoot at the Hotel Bel Air in Los Angeles. And while some magazines reportedly spend millions to get their hands on exclusive photos of celebrities or their babies, New York paid Stern its standard fee for such assignments--and paid Lohan nothing for her participation, according to magazine spokeswoman Lauren Starke.
For a site that's averaged around a million page views a day lately, the results were stunning. recorded a total of more than 40 million page views Monday and Tuesday, more than 34 million of which came from the Lohan portfolio, Starke said.
According to New York's online rate card, the "super banner ad" of the type that appears on the Lohan photo slideshow has a CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions) of $15. Multiply that by the number of views and the Lohan slideshow ads were valued at more than $500,000 over two days. probably charged far less than the rate-card rate, as is common in the industry. Starke said the magazine doesn't disclose revenue details about advertising deals.
Still, New York's Web site no doubt made out pretty well. Some perspective: Based on its rate card, New York generated about as much revenue per day from its online slideshow as it would from four $64,500 full-page color ads in its print edition.
Egotastic! - Lindsay Lohan Naked is Worth a Lot of Money

Think she'll sue?

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