Thursday, July 24, 2008

Courtney Love needs to STFU

She's all over the place so I tried to slice it down to where she's talking about my man Trent. I need to cut a truly immature bitch.

from fama:

Hey! You were referencing Reznor. You know the guy who was a graphic design major? Heir to a massive fortune on Reznor heaters? The guy who came up with NIN logo, then the band name, then a band? Details once said we had a thing. That's not news. It was what it was. I didn't take it too much more seriously than him. I won't give TMI, but the black terry cloth robes with the bands names embroidered in gold, the cat scratches on my door at night, the endless head holding her and secrets and horror stories, I have never repeated.

He was in his prime and well, fuck me he had that dammed song, "and yooooou can have it all, my empire of shit." I don't care. All the sports bar shit just melted for every girl in the house and me too. I admit it- that song was like watching Hamlet and boy did he know it. Girls crying with love for him in a rock star way, the groupies and cocaine usage, that I thought went out with hair bands.

We didn't have groupies. We had competitive girls in OTHER BANDS. I had competition then. Now, I do not. I suppose because its not an economic or particularly social model that's very easy to pull off; being class clown until the fucking record comes out. I could've put out a perfectly good, even great, record, but it wasn't enough. I'm sorry. I'm aiming for the moon and the moon I shall have. Even if it sells one copy, I will know in my heart, I did the very, very best, to the best of my ability, to leave a legacy of greatness behind.

Anyway some journo at Details asks him a few months later after a strange parting, and the very emotional death of his beloved dog, but still this doesn't excuse this comment, "So, Courtney Love, you two hooked up? Is it true she's pregnant?" His response, "It would have to have been the immaculate conception." The gross out factor was so huge. OH YEAH, BEEN HERE ! THE GIRL IN SCHOOL ALL THE BOYS WANNA SLEEP WITH, BUT THEN WON'T COP TO IT TO THEIR FRIENDS.

Anyway, in a Spin interview, I stated the truth. Frankly. he started it.

"Reznor blah blah?" "He shouldn't call his band Nine Inch Nails when he has a three inch one." Well that was THAT and the shit hit the fan. I was referencing his song Mr. Self Destruct. I NEVER had a feud with KURT. Christ, the guy was my best friend on his earth and worth every penny of the crucifixion(s).

That was, sort of , he sort of? He's still pissed I called my band Hole. I never said size, shape, etc. I never said "cabbage rose hole" or "tea rose hole." In any case vajayjay was only one connotation of that band's name. It was truly from the Euripides' Medea, but it got the job done. It was a chance and a risk to name the band that, as Babes in Toyland were going to go full throttle. We were gonna call ourselves "swampussy," but what if, what if, what ifs kept coming. What if, what? There was no way that model of band was, as much as I love them, going to go mainstream. In any case, I had to take the chance with that name, but that's not the point. The point is Reznor got PISSED. HEY, HE STARTED IT.

*Here's joker Courtney ----->*

And here is hotness from just a coupla days ago:

Sorry Courtney, you lose.

and btw from digital spy:

Courtney Love has been sued for $1 million over profits from her sale of Nirvana's back catalogue.

Accountants London & Co claimed that Love broke a verbal agreement to share 5% of her earnings from her company The End of Music.

The firm is claiming that Love owes them $975,000 (£489,277) after she sold a percentage of her rights to late husband Kurt Cobain's Nirvana back catalogue in 2006.

In the filing, London & Co has alleged that Love earned $19.5 million (£9.8 million) from her sale of Nirvana's song rights.

Love was given rights to Nirvana's music after frontman Cobain committed suicide in 1994.

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