Saturday, July 26, 2008

Blind Items!!!

I found these in CDAN comments:

#1 This legendary bachelor has a secret up his nose. He indulges in only the finest, and from a Hollywood gent who knows how to kill two birds with one stone. Our lothario shows up, shockingly, alone. No entourage or arm candy. He stays for awhile, indulges and chats a bit with his supplier. And more often than not he'd also dip into the supplier's home stash. Not his cocaine. The kept girl he'd found through a service. Neither the girl nor the supplier minded: business is business and she knew why she was there. He'd pay the man, pay the girl, and go home. Don't believe the gay rumors about this one. He's a solid bisexual all the way.

#2 How do I describe this girl without giving it away completely. Hm. I guess all I'll say is her dubious choices in sexual partners, not to mention the frequency and indiscretion, can be traced back to one little problem: the china white. Its also rumored to be the reason behind a breakup from not too long ago, a real god honest relationship, something our slut just never does. Oh, and her new partner? Yeah, its got him, too. I guess no one can quite think clearly when they've got a numb face and a straw up their nose...but it certainly explains the bad choices they've made of late. He was already on it when he met her and now together, they're steering out of control.

#3 One woman. Two pregnancies, neither much different from the other. Same douchebag husband. Same family drama. Same job. Same half a bottle of wine every night. Another mother to be that uses the "They let pregnant women drink their wine in Europe!" excuse. Yeah, but I'm sure they don't recommend getting drunk, honey.

*Spin's guesses: not sure but #1 is George Clooney, #2 Sienna Miller, #3 Tori Spelling I think*

and regular CDAN blind items:

#1 - Besides being a drunken buffoon, this A list actor has caused quite the stir at one of the gated complexes in which he lives. Seems he is a big fan of long walks at night. The thing is, his walks seem to always call for a break whenever he sees an open window that he can peer through. Doesn't seem to be all about sex. He just likes walking up to open windows and looking in. Neighbors don't appreciate it very much, although so far it has only involved private security and not the cops.

#2 - Mild mannered on and off screen, this aging, but not old, former Academy Award winning actor has a favorite haunt. He loves this S&M club. Although his name is on the membership records, when he is at the club or an event he always wears a mask the entire time and has everyone call him Steve. His favorite activities always have to include redheads. Don't know why, just one of his kinks apparently.

*Spin's guesses- #1 mel gibson, #2 Nic cage*

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