Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Now We ALL Know!

Way to go Lynn, one more chalkup for you and from ONTD:

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Lynne Spears is still haunted by a tragic 1975 car crash that claimed the life of a 12 year-old boy. The “Pop Culture Mom” was 20 when she ran over a child sprinting down a Kentwood, Louisiana on his bike. He was killed instantly.

“To this day, Lynne hasn’t gotten over what she did. She gets that terrified look in her eye when she is thinking about it,” a Spear family spy revealed in this week’s edition of the National Enquirer.

Lynn was rushing her brother to the hospital after he’d suffered an injury when she struck the boy.

“It bothers Lynne still to this day,” a former employee of the Spears adds. “She really doesn’t like to talk about it. She just wanted to forget that it ever happened - but she can’t.”

“She has told only a few people about the accident and always says, ‘Please don’t think I’m a bad person.’”

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