Saturday, July 26, 2008

What did you expect?

The National Enquirer reports that Jamie Lynn kicked Casey out of the house after she found calls to another woman on the bill for his cell phone. She is also said to try and keep track of his Internet usage to see if he’s getting up to anything sneaky online. Casey is back in the house now, and it sounds like Jamie Lynn really wanted to teach him a lesson:

New mom Jamie Lynn Spears threw her fiance Casey Aldridge out of their home - after she discovered he’s been calling other girls on his cell phone! It’s the latest in a series of battles between the teens since the birth of their daughter, Maddie Briann, on June 19…

The confrontation occurred soon after the couple moved back into their new 5-acre home in Liberty, MS, after spending three weeks at Lynn Spears’ gated mansion Serenity in Kentwood, LA.

While sorting through the mail, 17 year-old Jamie Lynn saw phone calls to other girls on Casey’s cell phone bill and confronted him.

“Casey told Jamie Lynn that she is ‘hormonal’ and that all the rumors of his cheating are just her imagination, but Jamie Lynn didn’t believe him,” said the insider. “It was too much for Jamie Lynn and she threw him out of the house. He stayed out all night.”

The Enquirer’s insider adds that Jamie Lynn thinks Casey “might be cheating with his old girlfriend.” They add that she’s been “searching the Internet for other evidence of his cheating” and that she obviously “doesn’t trust him.”

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