Monday, February 7, 2011

Just spreading the word

memes - Success Kid: Spreading The Word
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Josh Brolin is awesome

Catholic?  Now you can have "Priest in a pocket"

Speaking of the C of $, read "The Apostate" here

Real Life Scene Wolf

And a treat for you if you missed it!  Some CDAN blind item reveals!

This thought provoking A list television talk show host and stand up comedian recently broke off a relationship he was having with a model barely out of her teens. About 30 minutes after they broke up, he arranged for a towing company to find the Bentley he had leased her and have it towed to his place. His words to his assistant were, "If she ain't f**kin' me, than she isn't driving the Bentley. When it comes back, get it washed, because I will have a new driver for it by the end of tonight."

Bill Maher

I don't know if this overrated B list actress is this former A list singer and now B list actor's girlfriend or friend or beard or just a f**k buddy. I do know though that she bought him a $25,000 c**k ring for Christmas. It has diamonds. Those might leave a mark. Just sayin'.

Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake

This former A list singer is providing her boyfriend with $10,000 a month living expenses. You know, in addition to everything else she pays for.

Jessica Simpson

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