Monday, February 14, 2011

St. Valentine's Day Spin Sycle Edition!!!

Happy Love day, Syclers!!  I want you to know how much I appreciate you!  Happy hearts and joy to you today!

Lilo got a Valentine by getting a new judge for her possible probation violation hearing

See Cynthia Nixon and her fiancee's baby valentine

If you didn't watch the Grammys,  see who won here

Considering the source (MTO) take this with a grain of salt BUT  Jay Z and Beyonce separating?  You know it would be all about the kids issue.  Have the children, Bey!  Don't wait too long!  I'll tell you from experience that it's very very painful when you can't have children like the textbooks say you are supposed to!  Reproductive specialists are so full of shit! That's a huge issue Syclers!  work that out before you  tie that knot!  Not a happy Valentine.

Here's Lady Gaga's performance of "Born This Way" at the Grammys,  a song that Spin personally thinks she tried a little too hard with.  Maybe it's a Valentine for everybody else?  The new Gay National Anthem?  We shall have to see what Gaga does after this, methinks she has hit her peak , having got all of us to pay attention to her, now she shall have to work even harder to keep that attention musically, not with just cheap and cheesy theatrics:


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