Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Spin Sycle for March 24 2011

What's up Syclers!!  What's in the wash?

Rachel Zoe gave birth to a son!  How does a skinny stick push out a watermelon?

Whoopi Goldberg was stoned when she won her oscar

Chris Evans gets built up hawt for Captain America

Liz Taylor laid to rest near her friend Michael Jackson

Hugh Hefner's fiancee caught cheating?

Needs Bleach
Only in Texas:  Poledancing for Jesus.  would you go to church for the ta tas?

BuzzFoto – After years of being the face for a hit label, this musician (once A list, now slipping to C list) was given an ultimatum by her label. Either come up with a scandal that will bring her more record sales or they would come up with one for her and release n*de pics of her when she was younger.  *Spin's guess - Jennifer Lopez*

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