Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Spin Sycle for March 24 2011

Chris BrownCover of Chris Brown
What's out on the line today Syclers!!

Stop using Charlie Sheen as a distraction from your own asshattery, Chris Brown.  According to the Panache report:

At the beginning of his career, Chris Brown was good at hiding his anger issues, but now, these issues are coming to the surface on a regular basis. He can no longer control the compulsion.
Allegedly, Brown has quite a reputation in his hometown, according to locals, that charm and big smile was always a front, in reality, he's hiding something more sinister.
Before the Rihanna incident, I heard stories regarding brutality (hidden).  When he's angry, allegedly, a dark cloud overcomes his face.
Allegedly, a few women who were involved with Brown (in his hometown) are still afraid of him.

Lindsay Lohan not taking plea deal, will see how the wheel spins

Liz Taylor, goddess of the silver screen, a model of femininity, strength, love and passion, fiercest of them all, has died.  The angels weep.
Liz Taylor, trailer screenshot, cropped from h...Image via Wikipedia

Is Jeremy Piven to replace Charlie Sheen for two and a half men?

Michael Lohan continues to be a tool

Needs Bleach
Christina Aguilera is now on Twitter.  Hilarity ensues.

It's Sassy Gay Friend!

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