Monday, January 30, 2012

Spin Sycle for Monday January 30 2012

Hey Syclers!! Isn't cleaning the hell out of your house fun?  Oh well, worth is after all the work.

Let's start of with this blind item which makes me go O DAMM (from CDAN):
 What soon to be A list movie actor's girlfriend who is also moving up the list quite nicely is convinced that she can keep him from wanting guys. She told a friend of hers the other day that as long as she stays kinky enough he will want her and not any of the guys he used to date. Hey, it worked for Ashlee Simpson
 and Pete Wentz for awhile.

Jlo is useless, a hypocrite and obviously lives in her own little bubble

Enjoy M.I.A.'s new song Bad Girls

Xtina, honey, if you know it's shark week and you're gonna sing at somebody's funeral, PLEASE take proper precautions.  I wouldn't even have performed.

MDNA.  Madonna.  That is all.

Remember the Ferris Bueller tease?  It's a damm car ad.

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