Thursday, July 19, 2012

Spin Scyle for Friday, July 20 2012

What would you do if you were being bullied at work, Syclers?  tell me in the comments below

Here's an anthem to my youth:

Seems Tom Cruise may already have wife #4 picked out, she's perfect: A $citard princess, unknown actress and 26 years old.  VIVA la 5 year contract!!

Somehow I didn't realize that Seth Rogen was married.  Go figure.

Boycott Chik-Fil-A (I don't eat there anyway)

What teenage girl isn't embarrassed by her mother?  it's ok Lourdes, you're no different than anyone else, even your mother.

I love Suri's Burn book

Jessica Simpson is losing one pound per week

Blind item!
[Blind Gossip] This woman is one of the top-earning celebrities in the world, and has all the fame and fans anyone could ever want. She is also on track for a breakdown. Away from the cameras and the cheering crowds, she has been ingesting tons of drugs and booze. Other celebs (even her competitors) have quietly tried to intervene, but she is ignoring their pleas. If she keeps going this way – and continues to refuse to go to rehab – insiders fear she will meet the same fate as Amy Winehouse.

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