Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Daddys don't let your babies grow up to be hookers...

I like Pink more and more.

Off of ONTD:

Pop rocker Pink was blown away after giving a speech to 700 girls at Toronto's Humberside Collegiate Institute while promoting her album 'I'm Not Dead', after a group of Paris Hilton wannabes slammed her words, according to the National Enquirer.

The singer explained to the female audience that they shouldn't imitate the Hollywood blondes, and that they shouldn't degrade themselves by being "cute".Pink enjoyed screams and applause from the majority of the girls, except for a group of 15-year-old miss prisses who threw insults at her, such as, "Maybe you put down girls like Paris because you are soooo fat and UGLY!"The singer remained confident in her views, and told them to avoid the "stupid girl epidemic".

The Hilton wannabes snapped back, "You're just jealous because Paris has talent."


Yeah, Paris has talent at sucking dick. Look, this is why parents need to be involved with their vulnerable young daughters: young girls believe anything. Puppies and rainbows are cute, fairies and leprechauns are real, dammit! Fathers, you give girls their self-esteem. Moms, you teach her how to become a woman. For goodness sakes, please be involved in your daughters' lives so they don't end up swingin' off a pole or trying to be Hooker Hilton. Challenge your girls to think for themselves and make their own identites. Challenge them to take responsibility for their own lives and futures and seek what is best for them. Challenge them to not use somebody else's life. Teach them that there is self respect and dignity in earning her own way instead of relying on mom & dad's money or wanting someone else to provide for them. Please.

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