Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Kate Moss plays the field!

Yeah, who cares but it's hard to follow up after the birth of the Golden Child, Shiloh.



English comedian RUSSELL BRAND has confirmed reports he has been romancing supermodel KATE MOSS, but insists their fling is strictly casual.

The MTV and BIG BROTHER presenter was photographed leaving Moss' north London home in the early hours last week (24MAY06) - just 24 hours before her on/off lover PETE DOHERTY was also spotted at the house.

While Brand tells British newspaper Daily Mirror he has been enjoying the charms of Moss, he is also dating other women.

He says, "I'm totally obsessed with sex. I just can't get enough.
"Kate's a great girl. Things are going well for me at the moment, but I hope I don't get caught running out of her house again. That was embarrassing.

"I do like to satisfy women out of a boastful arrogance. You feel more confident when you make a woman fully satisfied." 05/30/06 03:36 courtesy WENN

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