Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Wouldn't it be funny....

If Lindsey Lohan got an oscar looooooooong before Tom Cruise ever did (if he ever did)? That wouldn't be too bad for a poor girl only worth $7 million US....right, Brandon?
That would make me squirt tears laughing.



Movie mogul HARVEY WEINSTEIN predicts actress LINDSAY LOHAN will win an Oscar at next year's (07) Academy Awards.

Weinstein believes the 19-year-old, who has roles in both A PRAIRIE HOME COMPANION and the upcoming ROBERT KENNEDY saga BOBBY, could wage two Academy Award campaigns this year (06).
Weinstein, whose company is distributing Bobby, tells MTV, "She's fantastic, and a big reason for getting me involved.

"This is going to be a stand-out performance this year for Lindsay, absolutely.

"She's a doll and a brilliant girl. People don't know that side of her; they just see (her) going out. If I was 19 and had that much - well, I went out way more than Lindsay Lohan, but no one was around to catch me." 05/30/06 03:36 courtesy WENN

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