Sunday, July 30, 2006

Lindsay flips off movie execs (not literally)

Honestly, she's not that pretty, just thin. Not well built, she has a boy's body, she's not curvy. She really needs to do some workouts with weights.


from faded youth:

Lindsay Lohan is officially the baddest bitch in Malibu. In wake of the humiliating letter the former teen queen received last week from a production exec over her destructive party lifestyle, Lindsay has figurtively given the middle finger to the head honcho by completely disregarding the ultimatum.

First she and beau Harry Snortin' Morton were spotted dining at The Ivy in what can only be described as a very public outing. (There's a reason why the celeb hot spot has been nicknamed The Paparivy.)Lindsay continued the celebration yesterday as she and her Hard Rock heir boyfriend joined pals at yet another celeb fave, Les Deux in Malibu, for some nonstop partying on their outdoor patio. (Just last week, Winona Ryder, Woody Harrelson and Prince were spotted partying there.)

As Lindsay Lohan firmly replaces Tara Reid as Hollywood's must-see trainwreck, it seems nothing can stop the once promising actress from meeting her crashing rock bottom fate. The question now is, in what form will it be? Rehab à la Whitney? Plastic surgery à la Tara? Both à la Courtney?

Stay tuned.....

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