Thursday, August 3, 2006

TomKat shenannigans

off of X17:

No, that's not X17's newest car in its fleet, it's Tom Cruise's monstermobile making the daily run to the Scientology Celebrity Center in Hollywood. Rumors are swirling that TomKat will be married at the Center but despite their daily visits to the church, we think there may be another answer. All the trucks delivering event supplies are probably setting up for this weekend's Celebrity Center 37th Anniversary. But we'll keep watching, just in case ...

and stranger than strange comes off of ONTD:

"Neverland to be bought by Cruise?"*

There's been lots of talk about the Church of Scientology buying Neverland from Michael Jackson. We're hearing that this story is not quite true. It's even freakier. Scientology champion Tom Cruise is thinking of buying it for himself. He's been flying around the strange theme park to see if it would make a suitable hideaway for him and invisible baby Suri.

And talking of Suri - our favourite theory as to why she's never been seen? The baby is rumoured to have a large port-wine stain, which can't be treated until she's three or four months old.

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