Tuesday, August 1, 2006

TomKat getting married? Really?

off of celebrity terrorist:

May Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes be finally ready to say their I dos? Hollyscoop certainly seems to think so:

'Our suspicion of a Tomkat wedding this upcoming weekend reached an all time high, when we were stuck in traffic in front of the Cebrity Scientology Centre on Franklin in Hollywood. When we looked to our left, we noticed tents being put in the garden of the center with all types of white decorations.

Note: the type of tents we saw were the really fancy, shmantzy ones used for celebrations. The first thing that struck our mind was “OH MY GOD, TOMKAT IS GETTING MARRIED AT THE CENTER!” Then we collected ourselves and decided to play “stalkerazzi”.

We called in a few favors from acquaintances at the airport and were told that Tom’s jet is ready and fueled for take off. We suspect that the jet is going to pick up some family member in the far south.

'While I'd love (and I mean love) to watch TomKat walk down the isle, I can't get beyond the fact that Tom Cruise is an ass blastin' homosexual and homosexuals don't marry women.

It's simple really....

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