Monday, July 31, 2006

Lindsay Lohan dumber than we thought!

This is too good.


This off of

...And lucky for me (and us) I know Lindsay Lohan's personal MySpace address and after a little investigating, I saw she was dumb enough to leave the following message on one of her friends' accounts the day after the dehydration debacle ("mike" is her brother, by the way):

Always a good idea to publicly call your employers (who pay you millions of dollars) "cunts" for asking you to do your job, Lindsay. Way to go, jackass.


You know, I don't blame the film execs, they are paying a lot of money and expect Lindsay to keep her end of the contract. I'd be pissed off to if I paid someone a LOT of money at ANY job and the person was half-assed about it and called in frequently. Hell, I'd fire them. They are simply interested in protecting their investment. Lindsay needs to get her shit together and learn about professinalism before she gets tossed out never to work in film again.

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