Thursday, August 3, 2006

Because I know You're DYING to know about the Dallas Movie....

off of ONTD:

Jennifer Lopez has abruptly quit the much-anticipated big screen remake of classic 1970s show Dallas. The Maid In Manhattan actress was set to star opposite John Travolta - who will play JR Ewing - as his alcoholic wife Sue Ellen. Shirley MacLaine is in talks to star as Ewing family matriarch Miss Ellie and Luke Wilson is rumored to be taking on the role of Bobby Ewing. Lopez's representative Leslie Sloane Zelnick confirms to American publication Star, "She is out of Dallas." This isn't the first report of trouble regarding the film - earlier this year, Legally Blonde director Robert Luketic quit the project citing "creative differences" and was reportedly unhappy with casting choices. Bend It Like Beckham director Gurinder Chadha is now attached to direct the film. The role of Lucy Ewing has also been the subject of much speculation, with many of Hollywood's top young actresses vying for the part including Jessica Simpson, Lindsay Lohan and Kristin Cavallari. The role ultimately went to 19-year-old Katie Cassidy, who stars in the US family drama 7th Heaven.Source: IMBD

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