Friday, August 11, 2006

Holy Vomit, Batman!!!

Judge for yourself.

Something just occurred to i was surfing the web cuz i like to keep up on what's going on in the world....i was reading a couple of pro ana sites and even wikipedia and i got to thinkin...

look at that lohan tat on her back hip again and i don't think the red string she wears is an accident or necessarily kabbalah the anorexic world, a red bracelet, often red string, means you are a supporter of pro ana or anorexia and the tat may mean she's bulemic....'bella' and 'mia' are terms for bulemics....these are little clues that these girls use to find each other....much the same as gay men have their color system with bandanas and such....

lohan having (what did it say?) 'la bella vita' may be a reference to having a bulemic lifestyle!!!

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