Wednesday, August 9, 2006

You know, I'm really not surprised.....

And officially, I do not forgive Mel, nor do I excuse his alcoholic binge. Speaking from my own experience and from what I have seen in others, this kind of rant isn't from some random overture....he had this in him. Maybe well hidden, even from friends who thought they knew him, but it was there. It was waiting for one shitfaced moment to surface and make its presence known. Mel is a Jew hater. He hid it for ages but now we all know. Fuck him.

Before you want to preach at others how to be, you should have a good look at yourself. The energy is probably better applied to your own life, making yourself a better person and taking responsibility for yourself and your actions, instead of mouthing at how others should be and how they should live.

And as for his spawn, well....this is off of Slam-Cut:

What's the only thing more out-of-control than Mel Gibson on a drunk? How about one of Mel Gibson's kids on a shopping trip. Yup, it's true - Mel Gibson's kids may be even crazier and more egomaniacal than their Jew-hating father, at least according to certain denizens of Malibu, where the Gibson brood has their home. Unnamed residents of the posh L.A. neighborhood have told Page 6's Richard Johnson that Gibson's seven kids "terrorize" the place, running around unsupervised and doing "whatever they want." Gibson's neighbors recall one specific incident involving the actor/director's high-school-aged sons, where the two over-indulged little jerkwads went into a surf shop and demanded credit, and upon being denied, started playing the old, "Don't you know who we are?" card, loudly and angrily (the owners of the shop say they can't remember the incident; I'm gonna guess some hush-money was probably sprinkled around by Don Mellino).

And another Malibu-er, Shari Nassimi, even went so far as to complain about the Gibson kids in a letter to Surf Rider News, saying, "If Mr. Gibson would only pay attention to his own family and children, [who] have had issues of their own . . . he would [stop] perpetuating what he points to in others as evil." Nassimi will soon be showing up at the bottom of the Pacific in a pair of cement shoes.There are two ways of looking at this story as I see it: 1) People are really out to get Mel Gibson, and have stooped to dragging his kids into it, or; 2) Mel Gibson is a negligent parent and a terrible neighbor on top of being a Jew-hating jack-ass. As disdainful as I've become of Gibson in the last couple of weeks, I choose to focus on the latter, and forget the fact that people like Richard Johnson are perhaps being a tad unfair. People who have kids - and God only knows why anyone would want to be saddled with even one of the little booger-eating poop-factories, let alone seven - really can't afford to be acting like self-indulgent a-holes, especially not in front of their kids, who are only going to turn into little carbon-copies of their parents. Gibson should be ashamed of being a Jew-hater, but he should be even more ashamed of his insufferable progeny, who are surer reflections of his sliminess even than his words.

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