Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Of Course, the denial....

who knows? Does anyone care anymore? I'd still love to party with Vince....that would be the shit

sorry for no pics, blogger is being a bitch

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Longtime consumers of celebrity nuptial news know not to panic over Vaughn and Aniston's speedy, official disavowal of Us Weekly's engagement story, as the Reflexive Publicist Denial That Will Soon Be Exposed As A Needless Lie is a crucial step in every celebrity's long, public march to the altar.

Just to get a sense of where we stand in the process, a cursory search of has revealed that we haven't yet entered the Posting Fake Online Bridal Registries Allegedly Revealing The Famous Couple's Wedding Date phase, but we did discover that at least three other women also think they're engaged to Vince Vaughn.

Their publicist might want to get out a fresh denial in triplicate before magazines scooped on the engagement start spreading ugly rumors about Vaughn's secret polygamist life.

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Looks like Oprah Winfrey can continue holding off on those $8 million wedding plans

Despite making a joint appearance on Us Weekly's latest cover under the blaring headline, "Vince Proposes! Jen Says Yes!," Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn remain unengaged, according to the former Friends star's rep.

"It is not true--they are not engaged," Stephen Huvane told E! News on Wednesday.

A "friend" of the twosome tells Us Weekly that Vaughn intended to pop the question on the beach, but opted for the in-fight proposal at the last minute.

"He was going to propose on the beach during the trip, but he chickened out because he wasn?t sure if she would accept," said "friend" gabbed. "But he knew he was leaving town for awhile, so he just felt he had to ask her before they landed."

The same "friend" also floated the rumor that despite his manly image, Vaughn was nothing but a big ol' romantic at heart.

"Vince almost cries whenever he tells the story of the proposal," the "friend" tells the magazine.
Apparently, this "friend" fell out of the loop at some point.

Meanwhile, though Life & Style recently reported that Aniston comforted herself with an all-girls get-together on July 24 after breaking things off with Vaughn, the weekly mag was only too happy to take a jab at its rival on Wednesday.

"Back in June, Life & Style exclusively had all the details of the romantic proposal, the expensive ring and Jen's reaction!" read a post on the magazine's Website.

"So why is Us Weekly playing catch-up? Because back then, they erroneously reported that the couple wasn't engaged and now they have to admit that Life & Style was right along."

To break it down: Life & Style reports engagement, Us Weekly denies engagement, Life & Style reports breakup, Us Weekly counters with engagement report, Life & Style conveniently forgets prior breakup report, points finger at Us Weekly and says, "Nana nana boo-boo." Yes, our heads hurt too.

When it comes to their relationship, the couple have consistently played it coy in interviews. Aniston has called Vaughn "a really good, loyal friend," while he has described her as "really smart and funny and easy to be with."
Neither has gone so far as to give any hint of what the future may hold for them as a couple.

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