Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Papa Joe is still creepy

But the girls are starting to figure that out, it seems.


off of US Weekly:

Joe Simpson has often displayed boundary issues in the process of turning his daughters, Jessica, 26, and Ashlee, 21, into sexual commodities (“She’s got double Ds!” Joe told GQ of Jessica’s bust in 2004. “You can’t cover those suckers up!”) , but sources are saying that the girls have had enough.

Why? This is, after all, the man who praises the sexiness of daughter Jessica’s body, and who, a source tells Us Weekly, told stories at an MTV meeting of helping her to fit for her first bra.

Says a source who works with them, “It creeps everyone out. And he thinks he knows what he’s doing, and that he’s doing the best for his kids.” Indeed, once a manager who had a firm grip on every move his daughters made, Joe, 48, has become a dad who can’t get his kids to give him the time of day due to his controlling and “obnoxious” behavior.

Simpson insiders say the sisters are taking the reins from the man who helped make them all rich. “Back in the day, if Joe wanted Jess anywhere he’d just order her to come – but that clearly isn’t the case now,” says a source.

What happened during a Victoria’s Secret party that left Ashlee refusing to speak to her father? What are Jessica’s friends saying about Joe? How are the sisters regaining control? For more details on this story, check out the current issue of Us, on newsstands this week.

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