Thursday, August 10, 2006


Courtesy of have to look at the second window from the can see a baby wriggling about in a bassinet. I still want to know if she has a birth defect! In the second pic you can see Suri kicking about in a diaper!


First Jada Pinkett-Smith saw the Cruise/Holmes offspring, then Penelope Cruz, now X17! Just after Vanity Fair released the news that they had bagged the first pix of the fam for their upcoming issue, we happened to be flying over to get aerials of the Cruise manse. After taking a closer look at the pix, look at what we found!

So X17 is putting out these pictures to dispel all the rumors that little Sashimi doesn't exist and though you can't see the little one too well, you can probably tell that she looks like a normal, cute baby in a diaper with a pacifier in her mouth. So throw out the conspiracy theories (or create new ones), baby Suri's alive and well and lookin' good!

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