Wednesday, November 21, 2007

BI's for your Thanksgiving!

Entertainment Lawyer 11/19/07

This B list
film actress and her rocker boyfriend have been on and off and on and off. Rumor had it that he broke up with her because he thought she was an annoying twit. As real as that impression may be, it seems that he gave our little actress the gift that keeps on giving. You know that gift that only seems to get better with Valtrex. I heard that she freaked the fuck out. Like freaking out as in I actually typed out fuck. Freaking out as in homicidal rage freaking out. Freaking out as in she checked into a "rest home" for a few days. After concluding that her life was not going to end, she checked out, but you REALLY don't want to mention his name in front of her, and if any woman reading this has ever wanted a lesson on how to get vengeance, you need to get in touch with our actress. It's not Lorena Bobbitt vengeance, but it is really close.

***Kirsten Dunst?

from gossip rocks:

This was in a Dutch magazine. I had to translate, so I apologize for any spelling and grammar errors I undoubtfully have made

Hush hush…..but we have been told A TOP
Hollywood actor who has played a gay character in the past , and has been haunted by gay rumors in his personal life for years, recently has been linked strongly to a an actress he’s worked with repeatedly over the years, in several British media . There even have been brief suggestions the actress might be pregnant , but this seems to have been a case of ‘jumping the gun’…

It’s still all rather hush hush , since the actor in question is rather well liked by more than a few reporters in the UK, AND the
actress is question is not exactly unattached, which means a ‘scandal’ is looming ( although one can question, how much of a scandal this will considered to be in the world of the movie society….).

Still, with both of them featuring in a movie due to hit
theatres early next year, the movie company distributing the movie would like to keep a lid on things for as long as possible. To complicate matters even more, the movie company linked to our actor is one of the movies production companies, of this movie and even here some rumblings have been heard about possible damage the affair could do to the movie… and then there are some members of the board of a theatre in London, holding their breaths and not being entirely happy with the situation ….

We, meanwhile, were stunned to discover some facts of the actor’s personal life, since it seems many facts considered to be a given, seem to be rather off base. Meaning; we’ve been completely wrong .

Keep your ears wide open, in all likeliness this
news will break, very soon. If it will cause the shockwaves some seem to fear remains to question till then.

Our bet is, it will cause more utter amazement rather than a scandal with far reaching consequences

But, we will have to wait and see.

***dunno...Reese and Jake? But that doesn't seem to fit quite right

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