Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Pari$ite needs publicity....

Why else would she be trying to get attention again? She craves being the center of attention! from foxnews:

Oops, did she do it again?

A purportedly new
Paris Hilton sex tape is circulating the Net.

In it, the 26-year-old
hotel heiress and aspiring philanthropist can be seen frolicking around in a large tub, bathing herself with a shower head while poking fun at previous sex tape scandals, according to the Australian News Network.

YouTube was showing an edited version of the tape, a number of adults-only sites were rumored to have gotten their hands on an uncensored version of the bathroom romp.

The tape was believed to have come from a storage vault in Hilton's name, the contents of which were confiscated after she failed to pay rent on it.

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