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It's a bit long, but worth the read, from Gossip Rocks:
Click on the headline for a People article that veils their strained relationship.

The story of Mr. Moviestar and Mr. Moviemaker and where it all went wrong…Part 1 :

let’s make a movie and have some….fights

Mr. Moviestar and Mr. Moviemaker decided it was time to make another
movie together. They had done so in the past and it had been a rather successful endeavour. Besides, they had been good friends for many years and were looking forward to working together again.

In the first few weeks of their collaboration things were going just fine. But then Mr. Movie- star met Ms. Wanna be Mrs. Moviestar and things slowly started falling apart.The press is very interested in Ms wanna be Mrs moviestar and her
relationship with Mr. Moviestar and they ask lots of questions. It threatens to overshadow the publicity tour Mr. Moviestar and Mr. Moviemaker are on, to promote their new movie.

Mr. Moviemaker asks Mr. Moviestar if he could perhaps lead the journalists away from their line of questioning. But Mr. Moviestar tells him he’s so in love he can hardly think about anything else himself anymore. Mr. Moviemaker sighs asks Mr. Moviestar if he can at least try and leaves it at that. For the moment.

But, there’s something else that’s troubling Mr moviemaker. On the set he has noticed Mr. Moviestar, more than previously, is adamant in spreading the word of, let’s call them his friends of the church of strong believers. As matter of fact, Mr. moviestar, on more than one occasion tries to convince Mr. movie-maker his friends could become Mr. moviemakers friends and advises him to give it a try. But, Mr. moviemaker, kindly, yet firmly tells Mr.
movie star it’s not his cup of tea. This does not stop Mr. moviestar from trying repeatedly to convince Mr. moviemaker he is wrong.

This goes on until the exasperated and annoyed Mr. moviemaker explodes and tells Mr. moviestar to keep this madness away from him. Mr. moviestar, in utter disbelieve over this outburst states that the amount of stress Mr. moviemaker obviously is under should be enough to make him reconsider. He also suggests Mr moviemaker could use some help in
anger management and that his friends of the church of strong believers are just the kind of people who could help him with this. Mr moviemaker now urges Mr moviestar to not bring this subject up, ever again.

Moviemaker helpers begin to notice Mr. moviemaker appears to be avoiding Mr moviestar wherever and whenever he can. they also notice that the arguments between Mr. moviestar and Mr. moviemaker are becoming more frequent and uglier of nature whenever they simply cannot avoid each other.

At this point Mrs assistant moviemaker steps in and desperately tries to keep the peace between Mr. moviestar and Mr moviemaker. Mrs. Moviemaker arrives on the set one day and invites Ms wanna be Mrs moviestar for lunch. Ms. Wanna be Mrs moviestar hesitates. She doesn’t think Mr. moviestar is gonna be very happy with her taking off like that, without letting Mr Moviestar know where she’s going. Since she cannot locate Mr moviestar she’s about to decline Mrs. Moviemakers invitation. But. Mr. moviemaker assures her he thinks it’s fine with Mr moviestar. Certainly he knows Ms wanna be Mrs moviestar is in good hands and wants her to have a good time? After these words Ms wanna be Mr moviestar decides to accept Mrs moviemakers invitation.

Now Mr moviestar arrives and asks Mr moviemaker if he knows where Ms wanna be Mr moviestar is. Mr. moviemaker answers she just left for lunch with Mrs moviemaker. Mr. moviestar wants to know where and Mr. moviemaker replies he doesn’t have a clue. Mr. moviestar frowns and asks Mr moviemaker if that doesn’t bother him. Initially thinking this is a joke Mr moviemaker laughs it away by replying that if he would want to keep tabs on Mrs moviemaker’s agenda he would have a full daytime job and wouldn’t be able to make
movies anymore.

Mr. moviemaker, however, is stunned, when Mr moviestar advises him that maybe it would be better to ask Mrs moviemaker to at least let him know where she is and what she is doing, especially when she takes Ms. Wanna be Mrs moviestar with her.

Mr. moviemaker now visibly starts losing patience with Mr moviestar and tells him he can threat Ms wanna be Mrs moviestar however he seems fit, no matter how Mr. moviemaker and other may think about it, but that Mr moviestar better not start telling him how to treat Mrs moviemaker.

Later that day Mrs moviemaker has a little chat with Mr. moviestar and says she’s sorry he got upset she took Ms wanna be Mrs moviestar with her. Mr moviestar says it’s okay, he and Ms wanna be Mrs moviestar talked things over and that she’s promised him it won’t happen again. Mrs moviemaker smiles politely, says she’s happy to hear this and appears to be leaving, but Mr movie star asks if he could have a word with her. He then asks Mrs moviemaker doesn’t she think it wise she would let Mr moviemaker know what her agenda of the day is? Mrs moviemaker starts laughing and tells Mr moviestar he should know Mr moviemaker is a busy man. If she were to call him to inform him what she’s doing at the moment, she would have to call him ten times a day and Mr moviemaker would not appreciate that.

Mr moviestar replies that that just might be the problem. He says he knows Mrs moviemaker is fulfilling most of her obligations towards Mr moviemaker and their children but, wouldn’t it be better if she would find more activities in and around their home? Mrs moviemaker blinks in astonishment but manages to remain polite. She tells Mr moviestar she does not know what kind of arrangement he has with Ms wanna be Mrs moviestar, but that it definitely sounds very different from the way Mrs moviemaker and Mr moviemaker treat and respect each other.

She tells Mr moviestar Mr moviemaker does not want Mrs moviemaker to be sitting around the house all day, but wants her to do the things she considers meaningful and important. He wants this because it’s important to him Mrs moviemaker is happy. She then asks Mr moviestar what makes him think he has the right to intrude on the way of living of Mrs and Mrs moviemaker.

Mr moviestar replies he is worried. Some of his friends of the church of strong believers have told him they have big problems with some of the projects Mrs moviemaker is supporting. Mr moviestar goes on the say he’s worried this might have a negative impact on Mr moviemakers reputation and standing. Before Mrs moviemaker can reply, Mr moviemaker shows himself and there is no doubt he has overheard at least a big portion of their conversation.

As Mr moviemaker slowly makes his way over to Mr moviestar, several moviemaker helpers run for cover. Mr moviemaker tells Mr moviestar he would appreciate it if he would stop harassing Mrs moviemaker and that if he ever catches him doing it again, Mr moviestar will have a bigger problem than he can handle. Mr moviestar appears crestfallen and says he was only trying to help. Mr moviemaker loses his temper and snaps he does not want or need Mr moviestars help.

Now Mrs moviemaker moves herself in between Mr moviemaker and Mr moviestar and starts pushing Mr moviemaker towards to exit. The minute Mr and Mrs moviemaker have left, moviemaker helpers stand gapping at Mr movie star for a long time before they start disappearing as well.

Shanita – the story as reported by our spying eyes

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