Wednesday, November 21, 2007

You know, some ppl are just assholes...


A totally unrepentant Dr. Jan Adams spews in an interview that any suggestion that he botched Kanye West's mom's surgery is "offensive" and "unfair."Adams also tells
People (in its latest issue) that the 11 malpractice suits uncovered by TMZ in the last week don't represent his deficiencies as a surgeon, but instead, "represent a bad decision in terms of choice of patient.""When people say 'plastic surgery' they think of me," says Dr. Adams, who isn't even board certified in plastic surgery. Though he wouldn't comment on what happened to Donda West, Adams does say, "I'm thorough and I do my job well."

and Nick Hogan's friend who is still in a coma is at fault because he didn't wear his seatbelt....

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