Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Another Blind Item!

from gossip rocks:

Panache Report 11/19/07

I always thought this black
actor was homophobic because one of our gay sources says he reacted to him with contempt at an industry function when he found out he was gay. This particular gay source moonlights as a male stripper/go go boy. He is the same go go dancer who was booked for a hip-hop gathering a few years ago, as we reported before, when he arrived at the destination with a female stripper, a rap mogul answered the door, ushered him in and slammed the door in the female stripper's face. The male stripper was groped and propositioned the entire evening. The party included some of the most famous men in hip hop.

Getting back to our black actor: Despite being homophobic in public, this same actor was allegedly a 'kept man,' back in the day. His benefactor was a black (high powered) male executive who was employed at a Fortune 500 company. This sugar daddy financed his career by paying for his acting classes, wardrobe, etc.

When the sugar daddy informed him he had HIV. The actor disappeared on him and married a woman a month later. They are still married with children. I would have never guessed that this good looking masculine actor had a gay past. Also, we have been informed that several photos exist of him sitting on the lap of his sugar daddy, acting lovey dovey. He better hope these pictures are never made public because his marriage and career will be destroyed.

***Spin's guess: Will Smith

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