Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mary, please

Madonna's doing it for the publicity. I don't think Britney or JT really care. Maybe Madge really just wants to have a threesome. There's a headline for you! From digital spy:

Madonna 'to reunite Britney and Justin'

Rex Features
Madonna wants to reunite Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake on stage, say reports.

The veteran popstar is planning to have the pair join her for the finale of her 'Sticky & Sweet' world tour in Miami.

Spears has already filmed a video cameo to appear on giant screens at the shows, but Madonna also wants her to appear in person, according to The Sun.

She is also apparently keen for Justin Timberlake to perform one of their collaborations from her recent Hard Candy album.

"Madonna is always trying to raise the bar and Britney and Timberlake on the same stage would be perfect," said a source.

"More likely is that they both appear on different dates. But if anyone can make this happen it's Madonna."

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