Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day Syclers!!!

Authentic portrait of St PatrickImage via Wikipedia
I'm celebrating the old tradition of when St. Patrick died, with beer!  I'll be out for the weekend since this is srs biznss.

Howard Stern wants to go gonzo

Is Jodie Foster high? Was she high when she gave this interview?

Did Nate Dogg die of stroke complications?

Charlie Sheen not winning in round one of him vs. Chuck Lorre

Joe Jonas, you aren't fooling anybody.  You're still gay

Christina Ricci lost a lot of weight

Katy Perry's mother disagrees with Katy's career because she is religious and other stupid stuff

Needs Bleach
Did Kim K finally convince someone to make her a housewife from a Ho?  Spoiler:  won't last

Katie Holmes bought penis gummie candies for Suri?

Courtney Love to pull a Keith Richards with Kurt Cobain

Quest Advice Link - it's St. Patrick's Day every day

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