Friday, December 30, 2011

Spin Sycle New Year's Edition!!!

Big stuff going on, Syclers!!  I'll be updating throughout the weekend so check back often!

Russell Brand has kicked Katy Perry to the curb!!!  What was she thinking, that she could change him?  I think she was too controlling of him, especially when she reportedly started telling him what he could'nt say in his shows!  Think he'll get funny again now that he dropped her?

oh and here's a solved blind item:

[BlindGossip] This celebrity has been doing the usual rounds of talk shows to discuss the upcoming awards season and to promote a new project. Because she is married to another celebrity, talk show interviews usually include a couple of standard questions about how her husband is doing. Not any more. They are separated, and talk show producers and hosts are under strict orders not to mention his name or their marriage.
Easy enough, right? Well, during a pre-interview, a pushy producer pressed their luck with the star and her publicist by saying that it would actually draw more attention to the split if the talk show host didn’t mention the spouse, and suggested a few innocuous name drops to avoid this. The furious star stood up, told her publicist “YOU deal with this sh*t!”, and stormed out of the room. The publicist dissuaded the producer, smoothed the star’s ruffled feathers, and the interview occurred without a single mention of the spouse’s name.
If the celebrity couple stays separated over the next couple of months, you may notice the conspicuous absence of her husband’s name – as well as the words “marriage”, “husband”, “children”, “separation”, and “divorce” – in her interviews. Her PR people certainly don’t want rumors about her marriage to overshadow her projects or interfere with potential awards. The biggest test will come if she actually wins an award. She won’t be able to hide the separation any longer if her husband doesn’t escort her to the awards show and/or if she doesn’t thank him during her speech.
It’s Katy Perry and Russell Brand!
Comedic actor Russell Brand filed for divorce from singer Katy Perry this morning at the Los Angeles County Courthouse.

Beyonce may have given birth to Tiana May Carter.  Please don't let the child have Jay Z's face.

This must be said:  Snooki looks like ass

Cat fight to start at the Globes between Angelina and Madonna?  HMMMM!!!

The economy sux but I should get what I want!!  Enjoy this musical version of twitters bitching about xmas gifts (What the fuck, I wanted an iPhone)

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