Sunday, December 11, 2011

Spin Sycle Weekend!

What's up Syclers?  Here's a blind item to get you going:

[Lainey GossipWould you still love him if you knew that he stomps around the set, holding up production, when his tea is brought to him at not the right temperature?  Would you still love him if you found out he delayed filming, and an entire crew, for several hours, because he had to have hislunch from a place that was off site so they had to drive there to get it and come back, only it was missing an ingredient and he sent it back? Would you still love him if he refused to report to set after visiting wardrobe and found out someone else had been joking around with his hat and he insisted it wasn’t sitting right on his head anymore?

*Spin's guess: Robert Downey Jr.*

This translates as "I got more $ for blow"

I guess 4th time's a charm?  With shaved head and all

Hide yo kids, hide yo wives, Khloe and Lamar are coming to Dallas.  KHLOE SMASH

Wait, I'm confused.  First Mitch Winehouse wants Lady Gaga to play Amy in a biopic then says there will never be a movie about Amy.  Which is it?

Ashton's StepDaughters hate him now for lying

Vivien Leigh was a modern woman

Enjoy this video; Heinz Automato 2:

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