Friday, June 23, 2006

Madonna is a vampire

She sucks the life out of young women. Lindsay, you're so much better off figuring things out for yourself. Honestly. I understand your need to make connections, espcially with celebrities who are high-powered, but honey please. Keep your own mind. But it's not like anyone actually READS this site, so who cares?



LINDSAY LOHAN and MADONNA have become so close through their mutual devotion to Kabbalah, they are reportedly planning to work on a new movie together.

Lohan has previously admitted to "looking into" the mystical offshoot of Judaism to find solace in her hectic life, and she is now looking to the pop queen as a spiritual mentor, as well as allowing her to advise her on her career.

An insider tells the Scoop, "Madonna's giving Lindsay advice on her music career and she wants to work on a film with Madonna, too!

"They're going to visit the Holy Land." 06/23/06 03:51 courtesy WENN

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