Thursday, June 22, 2006

Newsflash: K-Fool is still a douche

Just in case you didn't know because you live under a rock or something. Go ahead & call him!



The action unfolded in Times Square, but wrong-coasted, media-whoring sister site Gawker was on the scene with our boss's video camera. "Man! I feel good about the penny. I love it," said one Kevin Federline, the most reviled househusband in all the land, at yesterday's Virgin Mobile-sponsored "charity" event to save the obsolescent coin. The onetime practitioner of the background-dancing arts then invited the world to text him at his ultra-secret cell phone number (310-876-4210, he'd love to hear from you!), and in an act of selflessness that very nearly shook free a tear from our eye (read: open weeping, with immediate phone call to Mom to tell her how much we love her), pushed the lion's share of this week's allowance through a slot on an armored car.

He just keeps giving and giving, y'all. We should all strive to be more like K-Fed.

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