Thursday, June 22, 2006

Nicole Kidman proves she isn't retarded

At least she knows better to plan for the worst. Tom didn't totally destroy her reasoning.


from A Socialite's Life:

Nicole Kidman learned a few things from her marriage to Tom Cruise. The key element, knowing that a prenup is key. This is just not any run of your mill prenup, while Keith Urban would receive a certain amount per year that he is married to the actress, there is also a get out clause. Any settlement becomes null and void is Keith Urban, uses illegal drugs or alcohol to excess.
The country singer has had to sign a pre-nuptial agreement earning him £350,000 for every year he is with the actress.

The agreement was signed in Los Angeles before the pair flew to Australia where they plan to marry on Sunday. It also says they will have joint custody of any children they have together. But Urban, 38, would be banned from taking them out of the country in which Miss Kidman lives.

That's some prenup alright.

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