Thursday, June 22, 2006

Paris will f*ck up your life

from ONTD:

Oh Paris! You such a skank…This is what being seen with Paris Hilton will cost you = your girlfriend and your new born baby girl.

Colorado Avalanche goalie Jose Theodore's long time girlfriend, Stephanie Cloutier, kicked him out! Members of the Theodore family have confirmed the break up. After seeing him everywhere in the press holding hands (and rumours of passionate kissing in public) with heiress Paris Hilton while partying in Toronto last weekend, she had to put an end to their 8 years relationship.

The morning after, he went to meet Stephanie at a Montreal's children hospital where their 3 months old daughter, Romi, was receiving special cares. – oh dear god -The above news is from today's local paper, Le Journal de Montréal

Fun fact : yesterday, my best friend had an appointment for a tattoo and guess who was scheduled to get ink done at the same time as her but called it off due to all the bad press going on?No other than Mr. Theodore himself. Poor baby doesn’t want to show up in public! Hahaha ! They all had a good laugh, the whole tattoo shop was very amused :)

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