Thursday, June 22, 2006

Things not any better between Angelina & her father

That makes me sad. I'd really like to see them reconcile.


off of MSN gossip:

The chilly relationship between Angelina Jolie and Jon Voight shows no signs of thawing. The New York Daily News reports he's been sending swanky baby gear to his estranged offspring in an attempt to score a visit with three-week-old Shiloh. Alas, Voight's plan hasn't met with much success: Jolie has reportedly given the cold-shoulder to his gifts. In related news, the nurturing knockout, 31, reveals that she and Brad Pitt, 42, are already contemplating giving Shiloh, 17-month-old Zahara and 4-year-old Maddox another sibling. "Yeah, yeah. Next we'll adopt," Angelina tells Anderson Cooper in a CNN interview set to air on Tuesday, which, not coincidentally, is World Refugee Day.

The altruistic actress says they haven't yet decided where they'll search for the newest member of their photogenic family, "but we're looking at different countries ... It's gonna be the balance of what would be the best for Mad and for Z right now. It's, you know, another boy, another girl, which country, which race would fit best with the kids."

Meanwhile, as Jolie chitchats about their ever-expanding brood, Pitt is reconnecting with his fans. On Father's Day, he was just about to hop on his motorcycle following a business meeting in Santa Monica when a family approached and asked for a picture, reports Brad gamely removed his helmet and said cheese.

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