Thursday, June 22, 2006

Stinky Paris Premiere!

This just made me giggle with delight.

from MSN gossip:

Paris' Perfume Encounter Stinks

There was a whiff of something unseemly in the air at the launch of Paris Hilton's new perfume, "Just Me," on Friday in New York, but surprisingly enough it wasn't coming from her signature scent.

The New York Daily News says the self-promoting starlet was signing autographs for a mostly female crowd at Macy's when a guy with a mustache appeared at the front of the line (yes, people actually waited in line to get her John Hancock).

Paris asked how he'd like his photo signed. The reply: "Make it out to 'The Guy Who Has My Storage Locker Stuff.'"

According to the paper, the hirsute man in question was none other than David Hans Schmidt, the self-described "Sultan of Sleaze" who acquired oodles of photos, videos, diaries, financial records and other ultra-personal effects belonging to Hilton earlier this year after she failed to pay her storage facility bill.

"That stuff can't be published," a "wide-eyed" Paris purportedly told Schmidt, who replied, "Like your sex video?"

Schmidt, who helpfully brought along a childhood picture of Hilton holding baby sister Nicky to remind her of who he is, was originally asking $20 million for the contents of the locker, but may be willing to sell them back to the "Simple Life" star for the right price.

Hilton has reportedly agreed to meet with the porn peddler in Los Angeles and, perhaps in an attempt to score a discount on her prized keepsakes, graciously autographed his photo, "To David, Love Paris Hilton xoxo."

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