Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dear Gawd No....

There's an awful rumor on ONTD that for Batman 3, Angelina Jolie wants to play Catwoman. For fuck's sake, please, please no. Angie, honey, I love you, but you simply don't fit this role. It really needs to be left to someone who plays a good, hardcore believable psycho woman and that just isn't you. Helena Bonham Carter would be so much better. Honestly, she would be....remember her in Fight Club as the crazy girlfriend? That's the kind of range needed to truly do Catwoman justice. Please Angie, please don't do it. You would ruin this Batman franchise. Catwoman is meant to be so much more than slutty and steamy. She has serious mental issues! Ok, not that you don't but don't take that personally. Please don't try to play Catwoman!



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