Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Richard O'Brien is dismayed at plans for a big budget remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Even though the British entertainer wrote the Seventies stage musical, he won't be involved as, to his great regret, he signed over the film rights years ago. "Anger fuels and distorts my outlook on the whole thing," he tells me.

"When the stage show first went to the US, [music mogul] Lou Adler arranged the sale of the film rights to Fox. I wanted to take the contracts home to read but was hurried into signing them. After signing something I hadn't read, sure enough I found out I was going to be marginalised. It made Fox £360m, keeping them afloat for years. Lou made a conservative profit of about $20m, whereas I've made less than a million.
"But the way I have to look at it is, I have a roof over my head, food in the fridge and children who love me."

How do you sell the rights for one of the longest running movies EVER for less than a million dollars?
Also, just say NO to rocky horror remake. Original Frank is perfection.

source: my eyes, The Independent newspaper

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