Thursday, July 31, 2008

Spin Advertising Plug for Great American Seafood Cook Off

Food....I love food. I love the idea of food competing with each other, like with the Cook off. The thought makes me giddy, imagining the wonderful smells and tastes! All that beautiful seafood! I would love to see everyone else's set ups and displays and learn aobut their love of seafood. I love fish a lot, should eat, would eat more.

You know, the best and freshest fish is the local kind. Besides the fact that it tastes better because of its freshness, think of how you help out local fisherman by buying locally. It helps them to sustain their families, promotes more cashflow into the local economy and also helps promote positiveness of domestic seafood sustainability. After all, local fisherman know their waters and you know the source of where the fish came from and know that it's fresh.

If I were able to compete in the Cook off , I'd probably try to do a mean shrimp boil, like one my friends and I tried when we stayed down at Galveston. We went to a local fish market and bought a couple of pounds of shrimp (recipe goes like this):

In a big pot, like one that holds five gallons or more (you probably want to use a propane boiler like you would find at a supermart and try to do it outside) put in some red potatoes (I wouldn't peel them but if you want to, slice them up), maybe a pound then add some ears of corn, about one ear per person (I would definitely cut these into quarters). Maybe add a chopped onion or two, whole but chopped....doesn't matter what kind, but red onions are sweet and white will add a little zip.

Add water til it just covers over the corn and bring to boil for about 15 minutes. If you have a long knife or cooking fork, you can poke the corn and down to the potatoes to see if they are tender yet. If not, check again in another 15 minutes. Check until tender! Once they are, add the shrimp to the top then fill with water and put in your Shrimp boil pack. Shrimp boil is the collection of spices that will make it all taste even yummier. We used spicy, which was perfect for us. You could add a little garlic as well. See, potatoes take forever to cook, then corn takes long as well. putting the potatoes at the bottom should help them to cook a little quicker.

Give it another 15-20 minutes, the shrimp should turn pink and your boil should be ready! It's easier to scoop it out into bowls or plates than to try to dump the water, just sayin'. Peel and eat the shrimp and add butter, salt and pepper to your potatoes and corn and enjoy! That's what I would compete with in a cook off!

Know any seafood recipes? Share in the comments! What's your favorite seafood? What recipe would you use in a cook off?

Now I'm hungry.

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