Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Your Spin Sycle for Thursday!

Hey Syclers!  What's happening!

Here's how Jennifer Aniston stole her new man.  I always thought that if she really wanted Brad to stay, she'd make it happen....I don't think Angelina "stole" him

Open your mouth about marriage,  even a little and the George shall dump you.  Oh yes he shall.

Destiny's Child reunion in the works to save Beyonce's career?  Just have babies already, Bey, it's all you have left

Ryan Dunn....very drunk dead man.

Chris Brown is just a douche.

Why Shirley Manson's solo album never happened

Needs Bleach
OctoMom to go on a dating show.  Who would date that mess, really? HOW would you date her?

Mariah Carey doesn't want any more children.....that might be a good thing

New York Post trifecta of blinds this time!

[NewYorkPost] Which billionaire has thrown his wife out of their uber-luxury mansion after learning of her cheating, but hesitated on a divorce because it would cost too much? Instead, he’s moved her out to the guest house and gone off to sunnier climates with his nurse.

[NewYorkPost] Which openly gay power publicist has a habit of picking up women once he’s gotten a few drinks in him? He was just seen last weekend propositioning a hot blonde unbeknownst to his smitten boyfriend.

[NewYorkPost] Which polished married female New York socialite is secretly into girls? Her husband doesn’t really seem to mind.

Enjoy Britney Spears' new video "I Wanna Go"

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