Saturday, May 27, 2006

How snobby...

She doesn't even know how to cook? So the only life skill she has is to suck dick? Sad for her, great for Matthew.



PENELOPE CRUZ had to put on three kilograms (6.6 pounds) in weight so her bottom was big enough to play a young mother in new movie VOLVER.

Director PEDRO ALMODOVAR insisted the actress fully become the character she played - and that also meant learning domestic skills.
Cruz explains, "I put on three kilos and Pedro asked me to stay at that weight level during the filming. He said a big bottom would push me down closer to the earth.

"And it was necessary to do those things - otherwise how could anyone believe that I was the working mother of a teenage girl.
"I had to learn to cut, slice, chop and prepare food as if I had been doing it every day for years.

"It had to look natural, not fake." 05/26/06 19:43 courtesy WENN

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