Thursday, May 25, 2006

Yummy yummy dish!

This is all off of Ted Casablanca's site on EOnline! He has a LOT of delicious gossip today and I JUST had to share....but all the credit goes to him:


She Said/He Fled?Totally twosome scuttlebutt for ya today, cupcakes, but be prepared. You know I've always got somethin' cranklicious to say about supposedly joyous news, and it's probably no secret to zillions that I'm not, uh, overwhelmed by the recent "official" announcement that Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are planning to wed.

Now, let me ask you something: Notice in all the recent pics of the reportedly deliriously happy duo that Keith looks like a kid who has just been told he's going to spend his summer vacay at Neverland? Well, maybe that's because Keith, according to those who hang with the rockin' Down Under dude, was a bit surprised by Nic's gaga, glittering declaration.
"Keith's reaction to the news that Nicole talked to People about being engaged was like a deer [caught] in headlights," relayed sources who work closely with Urban. "He didn't know it was coming."

No! Darling Nic, you know how I adore you so, but you didn't forget to ask Keithy-Weithy if it was okay to blab to us press heathens, did you? Surely not!
In any case, K.U., who's currently working on a new album, immediately left work and did not return for the day, gab those who claim they saw him skedaddle pronto, once he heard of the engagement headlines. Additionally, the next planned recording session for Urban, say those who were supposed to be a part of it, was also canceled, no explanation given.
Hmmm. Guess you could say Mr. U., a guy who's known to, like, completely immerse himself in his current lady love's life, just couldn't wait to get away to plan where to register for toasters 'n' such. Perhaps.

More likely is the possibility that Keith, who not that long ago was attached to sundry female lookers, is going through the ol' male tradition of...frigid digits. But that's just a silly hunch.
One that's based on the fact that the award-winning musician's pro buds claim Keith is not exactly churning out the ol' tunes, as of late.

Diamonds Are a Gossip's Best FriendEverybody knows Paris Hilton's ex, Paris Latsis, is loaded via his mama's side o' the fam, right? Gosh, could that be why Latsis, Paris' mother's maiden name--as opposed to daddy's surname mouthful of Kasidokostas--is Boy Paris' chosen family name? Don't know.

But I do happen to be aware o' the financial factoid that the former Greek fiancé of Girl Paris ain't exactly loaded. Not yet, anyway. You see, while Mr. L. toils away in H-town, trying to be the good little aspiring film producer he's aiming for, well, let's just say Paris depends mucho on the kindness of his parents.

Why do I care? Because of the ring, that's why. It was the chat of the town and then--poof!--no more.

I'm referring, 'course, to the diamond engagement doodad Paris L. gave Paris H., a bauble which was reportedly worth many millions of dollars. Also gossiped about, at the time of the Paris-Paris affair, were the safekeeping measures--that Girl P. even wore a copy of the 24-carat gem, just to be extra careful.

Well, guess what, my eavesdropping honeys? The stone was possibly worth bupkes to begin with.

"Tell me something," asked a close bud of Paris L. "How could a boy who has to ask his parents for money give a girl that kind of ring without their knowledge?"

According to Desk Greek, because the 'rents never knew of the oversize sparkler to begin with, it was either never purchased by Latsis or it was worth crap.
More importantly, I wanted to know where the damn thing was, as the last breakup central had it, Paris was still holding onto the rock--not exactly protocol, once a babe breaks her marriage plans. So, who has it?

"Nobody," blurted out Desk G. "It went back to the jeweler."

Oh, did it really? Interesting. I just would like the record to state that, from time to time, I've defended Paris H. for the peach she can often be (I'll leave aside her snickering while Brandon Davis revealed to the world what a chubby snot-bucket he really is). And people skewer me left 'n' right and up 'n' down fer doing so.

Well, listen up g-friends, Paris gave back the ring, after all. So, eat me.

Ready for yet more Hilton yum-gab? Thought so.

Spin ContortLooks like Matt Leinart's days with Paris H. are done, duh. He's rumored to have a new babe in Arizona, but don't expect this one to last long, either.

"The current girlfriend is just to show that Matt wasn't serious about Paris. He's dating around, playing the field," reported my pigskin snitch.

Additionally, between the potential sheets, my athletic source swears Matt's next g-f is going to be a pro soccer player he "meets" at a USC sporting function. Evidently the chosen chica has some pesky rumors of her own floating around--and they need, uh, quashing, I'm told. And the leggy gal's sponsors are sure that a hookup with mahn-ly Matt's gonna take care of everything. Too convenient for everybody, n'est-ce pas?

Likewise, Matt's peeps are hopin' this "relationship" is gonna make Matty fans forget all about his fling with Paris.

And that's a good thing?

at least Lienart's smart enought to stay away from Paris H.! THAT will only help his career, she would have killed it!

and I wonder about the whoe nicole/keith thing sounded fishy when even I read the announcement.

it serves Paris H. right if the ring was a fakey fake! Suits her well!

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