Monday, May 22, 2006

So the Breakup rumors were wrong again....

That's it, i'm tried of these two already.
but.....IT'S ON!!!

NICOLE RICHIE and ADAM 'DJ AM' GOLDBERG are planning to marry, according to socialite's famous father LIONEL RICHIE.
On the same day US reports claimed the pair had split for the second time in five months, Richie told reporters in London they will marry and he will provide the entertainment.
Speaking at the Prince's Trust charity concert on Saturday (21MAY06), the HELLO hitmaker revealed, "I told her, 'Honey, you do what you want and just send me the bill.'
"Of course I am going to be there for her, and I'll be singing - there's no way I couldn't. I'm really happy that it's working out for her."
Richie and Goldberg have been dating since 2003. They split in December last year, but reunited earlier this year (06). On Friday a US publication alleged Goldberg had dumped Richie. 05/22/06 03:33 (Courtesy WENN)

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