Saturday, May 27, 2006


It still doesn't mean you're sane.....all they do is clean out your accounts!
Some people find it easier, I guess, to let somebody else do the thinking for them.



Actor JASON LEE educated his MY NAME IS EARL co-star JAIME PRESSLY about the myths of Scientology on the set of the hit show.
Lee joins TOM CRUISE, KATIE HOLMES, JOHN TRAVOLTA, KELLY PRESTON, KIRSTIE ALLEY and LISA MARIE PRESLEY in following the controversial religion, based on the teachings of late science fiction writer L RON HUBBARD.

On set one day, Lee surprised his sexy co-star by breaking his usual silence about his beliefs, to quash some of the faith's negative publicity.
The actress says, "Jason never discusses it on set. The only time he and I ever discussed Scientology was when I was reading in a magazine about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and Scientology and how women in labour are not allowed to make any noise. I was kind of freaked out by that.

"Jason said that in Scientology they believe that if the woman is screaming bloody murder it traumatises the child." 05/26/06 19:43 courtesy WENN

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